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Insurance & Real Estate
We offer options to take care of your network and PCs, to maximize your online presence to make it easier for you to connect with your clients, and ...
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Terms and Conditions
Networks, LLC-affiliated entity providing the Services, “BHN”, together with Customer, the “Parties”, and each individually, a “Party”) for the ...
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WiFi Hotspots
Count on us to install a secure network that protects your business and your customers.
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Internet Everywhere — Hotspots for Public WiFi In addition to the private, secure wireless networks we offer, we also provide our Business Internet ...
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Security Threats
computer to another through security failures in the network. Worms don’t alter files, but can consume bandwidth and slow the overall speed at which ...
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Computer Safety
hardware device used to protect a computer and home network from unauthorized access. Additional benefits include: Blocking intrusion attempts and ...
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Wireless Security
A private or public network can be used to connect to the internet wirelessly. A private network, such as Spectrum WiFi, uses a router to connect to ...
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