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Transfer of Ownership or Business Name Change
If you need to transfer your Spectrum Business account to another responsible party and/or change the name of your business, download the appropriate ...
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Learn more about Bright House Networks Business Solutions, our services, and how to pay your bill and manage your account.
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Set Up Email on Your Device
Get the information you need to set up your phone or tablet to receive email from your Spectrum Business account.
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Spanish Voicemail Prompts
Follow these steps to activate Spanish Voicemail prompts on your Spectrum Business Voicemail account.
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What is My Services?
My Services is an online account that allows you to manage your Spectrum Business services.
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Speed Calling
Set up one-digit code to speed dial frequently called contacts with your Spectrum Business Voice account.
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Calling Features
Learn about the features and get support for your Spectrum Business Voice account.
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Account Change Notifications
Spectrum Business customers may occasionally receive account change notifications, which reflect our commitment to protecting your privacy.
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Call Forwarding
Follow these steps to forward calls to your Spectrum Business Voice account to a specified number.
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What is Auto Pay (Automatic Payment)?
Get instructions for setting up Auto Pay for your Spectrum Business account.
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